Believing everything you think – About anxiety

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Anxiety………….. holding, crushing, suffocating.  It clutches at your chest, clenches at your throat, takes your breath and steals your joy.  Paralysing, terrifying and debilitating.   Anxiety is about worry and fear.  All humans feel anxious at times, it’s one of our survival techniques.  When big decisions or changes are to be made it’s natural to worry […]

Hello darkness my old friend

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Depression is the number 1 mental health condition across the world and nearly 20% of people in the UK suffer from depression and/or anxiety.¹ Depression is a low mood that lasts for a long time, and affects your everyday life.  In its mildest form, depression can mean just being in low spirits. It doesn’t stop […]

When relationships get tough

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Relationships can get tough.  Sometimes it just feels like it shouldn’t be this hard. As individuals we are complex and over time we change and develop.  All of us.  People change, relationships change.  Whether we want it or not. Sometimes the changes are wanted and sometimes they’re not by one or more of the individuals […]