Confidentiality is something that all counsellors and therapists must take seriously.  I have a confidentiality policy that will be explained fully to you when we meet so that you can be assured that any information I keep about you is kept safe and with who and why I might share it.

Your personal information will be kept securely and in line with data protection (GDPR) requirements.  This also means that you have a right to know exactly what data is being kept about you, where and how it is being kept, what it is being used for and to be able to have that data deleted should you wish at any time.

Online sessions are conducted using end-to-end encryption either by FaceTime or by using “Zoom”, an easy to use and secure video connection that can be used via your computer or iPhone/iPad.  Using end-to-end encryption helps to ensure our privacy during the session.  If you haven’t used Zoom before, don’t worry – you’ll be sent full instructions and its very easy to use.